“The oak would not be so strong if there were no storms.”

The oak is Germany’s national tree and symbolizes values ​​such as trust, strength, stability and the stability of our country. Values ​​that we want to preserve and offer our customers the highest standards for their investments. Our service is the key to a carefree investment. The real estate life cycle, so your investment thrives and evolves.

EichenGlobal follows a series of consistent principles that help us make big and small decisions every day.


EichenGlobal GmbH is a company that combines the traditional sector of property management with the world of technology and innovation. As a real estate service company we provide domestic and foreign real estate investors with a premium after-sales service and apply our technology-focused approach as a pioneer in our trade.
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Our goal is to provide people with the know-how and tools they need to navigate the modern real estate market with new ease. For this, we offer our customers a
full 360 ° service over all life cycles of the property, with our EichenGlobal Advisor app, our rental portal, real estate and investment management as well as financing offers.We connect private investors, owners, builders, and various service providers. When it comes to high-quality services we are the premium property management specialist.
We know what a successful real estate investment is all about – a farsighted and prudent management.


The increasing complexity of real estate investments due to the constantly changing framework conditions and laws poses ever greater challenges for international investors. This is a serious barrier for investors to overcome, as today’s private investors are tomorrow’s landlords.

According to the motto “Peace-of-Mind, delivered” we offer you a complete solution, which is currently unique in the market.


EichenGlobal offers you the complete package with a 360° all-round perspective for your property purchased in Germany and contributes to the success of your investment and the achievement to ensure your economic goals.
We take care of the property you care about in a reliable way.
We focus on ensuring a consistently high level of advisory quality and the pursuit of our interests at a correspondingly high level.
An important factor for partnership and long-term cooperation is mutual trust.
With this knowledge, EichenGlobal is your trustworthy partner in the premium real estate management service.
We offer the complete value chain after buying a property and advise our customers at the highest level. We always offer our customers the best possible service and always work on new ones
and exclusive value.


Years of experience in the
Property Management


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Satisfied costumers
with 28 nationalities


EichenGlobal Chatbot is now live on Facebook messenger. An AI driven bot which helps tenants, landlords, Investors in letting, buying and selling a property across Germany. EichenGlobal with it’s White label partner Rubina Real Estate & publishing partner Immobilienscout24 offers 360° product & service range throughout German property life cycle.

Advisor App

How much is my property worth?
How will the market price change in the next 10 years?
The EichenGlobal Advisor app is your personalised expert on the German property market.
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In 2016, we successfully organized the EichenGlobal ArtBattle.
An international interior architecture competition in Which teams from Italy, Indonesia and Germany Realized individual, extraordinary and fresh design ideas. The apartments of our customers are thus given a unique design.