Berlin is among top favourites to buy a property !

Berlin is a city which is always moving, as we know it is the booming capital of Europe’s largest economy with thundering tech, digitalization and media attracting the brightest international talent, yet its overwhelmingly liberal, youthful population makes it vibrant and culturally dynamic Berlin housing market. Investors and residents’ demand has been steadily increasing over the past decade. The main reason being the growth in population and number of households due to the increased attraction of the city. In addition, the economic performance is improving in the capital of Germany. Thus the purchasing power is increasing. The prices for an apartment in the center of Berlin are still “moderate” compared to London, Paris or New York.

Berlin - Top destination to invest in Property market

Berlin – Top destination too invest in Property market



Due Brexit, people are eyeing on Berlin – The booming Capital of EU for a modern, lively & most importantly economically strong GDP. Addressing these issues and demand , EichenGlobal brings tailor made services which will ease the rental process, expedites the relocation and delivers peace of mind. EichenGlobal not just help to rent an apartment or property in Berlin with it’s exclusive property pool across Berlin , but will assist in further required services as it roars the Berlin property market with the symbol of trust and stability – Eichen , the national tree of Germany.

Contact : EichenGlobal Gmbh

Charlottenstraße 18, 10117 Berlin, Germany.

Email : +49 (0) 30 21 222 3 66


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