Berlin is the new leader in the 2019 city ranking

Berlin is a city which is always moving, as we know it is the booming capital of Europe’s largest economy with thundering tech, digitalization and media attracting the brightest international talent, yet its overwhelmingly liberal, youthful population makes it vibrant and culturally dynamic Berlin housing market. The German capital benefits from high percentual population growth (+4.1%), the highest employment growth (+6.8%) of any of the 30 cities, and a noticeable improvement in productivity. Investors and residents’ demand has been steadily increasing over the past decade. The main reason being the growth in population and number of households due to the increased attraction of the city. In addition, the economic performance is improving in the capital of Germany. Thus the purchasing power is increasing. The prices for an apartment in the center of Berlin are still “moderate” compared to London, Paris or New York.

And the future keeps on looking promising. Through 2030 the high population growths rate is expected to continue and Berlin is becoming younger by the day as there is an above average growths rate in persons below the age of 20years.

But that’s not the only good news, Leipzig is also climbing up the City Index Ranking. No other german city has improved their economic performance as well as Leipzig and the population growth rate of just under 7% is the highest out of any German city.

Frankfurt am Main, Cologne or Hamburg have all excellent future prospects and offer just the right mix between business and cultural life aspects for inhabitants. So it is no wonder that investors, companies, workers and tourists flog to these cities and demand for jobs, living quarters and investment opportunities continue to rise.

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