HOA Property Management 

The administration for the Home Owners Association is one of the most important tasks for the property manager. This includes the administration of the different interests of investors, home owners and tenants requiring a professional and knowledgable execution. It is therefore of utmost importance to remain a neutral advisor to be able to act on behalf of all involved parties. Our property management services have been used for years by our home owner associations and we are extremely proud of our close, trusting and successful partnerships with our home owners.

Our services:

Commercial support

  • Creation and controlling of business plans
  • Account statements, including account and receipt check ups
  • Bookkeeping and check up of all cash receipts and disbursements
  • Debt collection, Liquidity planning, operating accountability for home owners
  • Administration, management and arrangement of monies, including bank transfers and direct debits
  • Account settlements including monthly debit positions and dunning process for late payments
  • Administration of current, fixed-term and saving accounts
  • Calculation and requisition of cost allocations
  • Dealing with employee matters of HOA staff (ie. caretaker, gardener etc) including payment and booking of salaries, payment of taxes, social contributions, notifications to the tax office, health insurance and social insurance agency etc.
  • Support during property purchases



Legal support

  • Observance of all legal frameworks conditions and regulations (including general terms and conditions HOA, BGB, state building regualtions,industrial safety regulations, heating costs regulations, heating systems and fire systems)
  • Negotiation with public offices and procurement of public law permits
  • Conclusion and review of contracts (insurance contracts, maintenance contracts)
  • Initiate lawsuits in outstanding payment areas
  • Participation and support in court hearings, appeals against decisions or house money claims
  • Representation at/with lawyers and in court
  • Application of current changes and regulations in law to the HOA
  • Negotiation and set up of maintenance contracts


Organisational support
  • Correspondence with owners and tenants of rented apartements
  • Organization and implementation of the owners' meeting, including appointment coordination, agenda and minutes preparation
  • Creation of minutes of meeting minutes agreements, including dispatch and information to and of owner
  • Implementation of decision-making collection
  • Establishment and compliance of house rules
  • Creation and distribution of circulars and notices
  • Complaint management
  • Development of measures to meet deadlines and avoid legal disadvantages
  • Participation at local and court appointments


Technical support

  • Regular visits of the property
  • Capturing of utility supplier meter readings (Heating, Water, Energy)
  • Planing, Awarding of contract, inspection and settlement of bills for maintenance and repair works. This includes getting offers, overseeing all works, payments of bills and ensuring that warranty claims are met.
  • Ensuring due diligence in all matters relating to TÜV and other regulatory bodies including fire and safety protections rules (for example with rolling shutter gates, double parking, heating systems, lift systems, lift and air-systems)
  • Setting up of required repairs through tradesmen
  • Notification of malfunction or damage to relevant insurances and originator
  • Dealing with insurance related matters
  • Briefing of tradesman and caretaker
  • Ordering of keys
  • Instruction of Experts
  • Development of usage concepts



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