With our years of experience in property management, we have come across common questions that tenants repeatedly have and have collected them here for you:


Our offices are open from Monday to Thursday between 9am-6pm and on Fridays between 9am-4.30pm and are located at Charlottenstr.18, 10117 Berlin.


Visual inspection: If the openings on the detector are free and are without mechanical damage, remove dust or insects if necessary.
Battery check: If the device shows a low battery or the battery has run out, please replace the old battery with a new one.
Functional test: Depending on the manufacturer's instructions test the device on a monthly basis using the test button If one of the smoke detectors has a visible defect, you are obliged to report the defect to the landlord or his/her representative immediately.


In principle, you are free to choose your own insurance provider. You can find more information on the internet.


In principle, you are free to choose your own electricity supplier. You can find more information on the internet.


Electricity must be registered retrospectively from the date the key was handed over to you. This needs to be with your selected electricity provider. The meter number and meter reading can be found in the apartment handover report..

  • Self-Assessment form
  • Copy of your ID (front and back)
  • Proof of salary for the past 3 months or certificate of earnings
  • Confirmation from the previous landlord that there are no rental debts
  • SCHUFA information (available at: schufa.de).

The landlord is legally entitled to a deposit of three months rents from the tenant.


Our furnished apartments are equipped with above-average furnishings and living accessories. If you are missing something, you can get it yourself in consultation with us at your own expense.


Most apartments have a cellar unit. Please ask our letting manager.


Cable TV is available in individual apartments. However, most TV sets are connected to the Internet.


Often the costs for electricity / heating / water / DSL are already included in the rent (for furnished apartment and depending on the rented property). We try to calculate the rent including all additional costs. If you have an above-average consumption of electricity / water / heating, we reserve the right to recalculate it.


If something is defect in your apartment, please inform us immediately in writing. We will inform you of the further procedure and whether you can call in the caretaker.


As a rule, you have to register no later than one week after you have moved in. If you fail to meet the legal deadline, you may have to pay a fine. You will need your ID card or passport and an additional registration form at the Residents' Registration Office. A processing fee will be due.


The rent debt certificate is proof that the future tenant has not left any rent debts from a previous tenancy and is issued by the previous landlord on request. The landlord can request a processing fee for the creation of this certificate.


The SCHUFA credit report is evidence-based information that can be passed on and is therefore suitable for landlords or brokers, since it only contains the data necessary for the business relationship. Information includes references to positive contract data, information about payment defaults, and is subject to a fee. You can get the Schufa credit report at: https://www.meineschufa.de


We aim, together with the landlord, to have a response whether you can rent the apartment within four working days.


Keeping pets in the properties we manage always depends on the owner. If you are interested in renting an apartment with your pet, please inform us before signing the contract and we will contact the owner.


We offer paid cleaning services for all of our furnished apartments. Please contact us for further information.

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