With our years of experience in property management, we have come across common questions that tenants repeatedly have and have collected them here for you:


Our offices are open from Monday to Thursday between 9am-6pm and on Fridays between 9am-4.30pm and are located at Charlottenstr.18, 10117 Berlin.


As one of fee: Real Estate Tax (GESt)
Every quarter:Land Tax (GSt)
On a yearly basis: You will have to pay income tax on your rental income (ESt) of the real estate located in Germany. You will have to submit an income tax return to the responsible tax office. A tax advisor should be consulted for this.


That depends entirely on the type of bill. We can advise you.


The property tax band is set by the local Tax office. We can not influence that.


After receiving the settlement for the house allowance, an operating cost statement is created for empty apartments. In the course of this, the monthly advance payments for operating costs can be adjusted depending on the settlement.


The apportionable costs, which are settled in the house allowance, are passed on to the tenant as part of the operating cost settlement. Please also see apportionable and non-apportionable costs / house allowance.


Reoccuring costs for our property are:

  • House benefit allowance for building management apartment and parking space (heating, water, garden, house cleaning, etc.)
  • Land Tax
  • depending on the assignment / contract EichenGlobal Management for Basic Service
  • Depending on the assignment / contract, special property management

Our furnished apartments are equipped with above-average furnishings and home accessories. If you are missing something, you can get it yourself in consultation with us at your own expense.


Depending on the current demand situation, we normally rent properties within a few weeks. This period depends on the property, location, equipment and amount of the requsted rental price.


As soon as we have access to your property, we will prepare the property for rent and immediately start acquiring a tenant. Viewing appointments to are agreed upon with prospective tenants and documents for checking the creditworthiness of the potential tenant are checked. Only reputable tenants who have been checked by us will be presented to you as the owner. Then you should advise us within two days whether the tenant and the rental conditions meet your requirements.


Often the consumption costs electricity / heating / water / DSL are already included in the rent (depending on the rented property). We try to calculate the rent including all additional costs. If you have an above-average consumption of electricity / water / heating, we reserve the right to recalculate it. We expect our tenants to use the given resources responsibly.


The rent is due on the 3rd working day of every month and will be transferred by us to the bank using the details you have provided to us after deducting your regular payment obligations.


EichenGlobal offers services that make it easier for landlords / property owners to manage their properties. If you are interested in buying or selling your property, please contact our trustworthy partner - Rubina Real Estate GmbH, who will support you in the best possible way.


Yes, if you woudl like us to support you in furnishing your property, please get in touch with one of our property managers.

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