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How is EichenGlobal reachable?

Our office is open Mon – Thu 9am – 6pm and Friday 9am – 4:30 pm and is located at Charlottenstr.18, 10117 Berlin.

The smoke detector beeps. What can I do?

Visual inspection: If the smoke intrusion opening is free and the smoke alarm device is free of mechanical damage, it may be necessary to remove dust or insects.

Battery Check: Does the device indicate low battery performance or is the battery depleted? Please replace the old battery with a new one.

Function test: According to manufacturer’s instructions. For example, test monthly with the test button to make sure the device is in working order. Should one of the smoke detectors be affected by a visible defect, the renter is obliged to report the defect directly to the landlord or his representative.

Can you recommend an insurance provider (household contents & liability)?

Basically you are free to choose the insurance provider. You can find more information on the internet. There are also various cost comparison portals.

Where can I find information about electricity providers?

Basically, you are free to choose the electricity provider. You can find more information on the internet. There are also various cost comparison portals (e.g., check14).

How and when do I register electricity?

Electricity must be registered with your selected electricity supplier retroactively to the key handover date. The meter number and meter reading can be found in the apartment handover report.

What documents do you need if I want to rent an apartment?

– Self-assessment
– ID card copy (front and back)
– Salary statements for the past 3 months or earnings certificate
– Confirmation from the previous landlord that no rental debt exists
– SCHUFA information (to be obtained from: schufa.de)

Two warm rent as deposit are actual too much for me. It’s enough if I just pay one a warm rent as security?

By law, the landlord is entitled to deposit 3 net cold rent as a deposit by the tenant.

I would like more equipment or furniture! Where can I get this?
Our furnished apartments are equipped with above average furnishings and living accessories. If something is missing, you can arrange this in consultation with us on your own and cost.
Is there a basement room?

Most units have a basement room. Please ask our rental manager if you request a specific apartment.

Is there cabel TV?

In individual apartments cabel TV is available. As usage continues to shift to InternetTV, all TVs are connected to the Internet.

Which is included in the rent? Is electricity /​ heating /​ water /​ DSL inclusive. What extra costs are coming to me?

There are no extra costs. All consumption costs electricity/ heating/ water/ DSL are included in the rent. We try to charge the rent including all utilities. If you have an above average consumption of electricity/ water/ heating we reserve the right to recalculate.
We expect our tenants to deal responsibly with the given resources.

Could I ask the concierge to do repairs in my apartment?
If something is broken in your apartment, please inform us immediately in writing as part of your obligation to cooperate. We will inform you about the further procedure and if you can call the concierge.
Do you have any special questions about our objects?

Then please write us an e-mail and we will get in touch with you in a timely manner.

How can I keep up-to-date on the latest news from EichenGlobal?

Subscribe to our newsletter and receive regularly interesting news about real estate from us.

What costs the app of EichenGlobal?

There are no additional charges for downloading and using our mobile app.

Do you offer cleaning for furnished apartments?

We also offer a cleaning service for all our furnished apartments.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is the conclusion of a household and liability insurance advisable?

For tenants, a household and a liability insurance are reasonable. Many landlords require proof of household and liability insurance before renting the apartment. The household contents insurance protects against financial consequences and damages, eg fire, burglary or theft or water damage within the home. The private liability insurance cover damages from the third suffer e.g. water damage caused by rinsed water hoses on dishwashers or washing machines in the apartment below or from a car accident caused as a passer-by.

Are pets allowed?

Keeping pets in the objects managed by us is always owner-dependent.
Please let us know about your desired animal before signing the contract and we contact the owner and clarify.

How long does the processing time and the decision-making process take?

We try to make a final decision together with the owner within about 4 working days and inform you immediately if you can rent the apartment.

What is a SCHUFA credit assessment and why is it necessary?

The SCHUFA credit rating is a reliable reference for handing over the landlords as they only provide the necessary data for the business relationship such as positive contract data, information on payment default, and is subject to charges.

You can get the SCHUFA credit rating at: https://www.meineschufa.de/index.php?site=7

* According to § 34 BDSG, consumers have the right to request a free SCHUFA information once a year. But be careful: The free SCHUFA information contains many personal information and should therefore never be passed on to business partners or landlords.

What is a “Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung” and where do I get it from?

The “Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung” or confirmation of present landlord about back rent is a proof that the future tenant has not left any leasing debt from a previous tenancy and will be request by the previous owner. For the creation of this confirmation the landlord can demand a processing fee.

How is the deadline, I have to sign up at the registry office?

You have to registrate at the latest one week after the move.
If you fail the statutory deadline, you will face a fine. If you move within your city, you only have to register a change in address. If you are moving to another city within Germany, please register your residence again. In both cases, you will need your ID card or passport and a registration form.
A so-called processing fee of approx. 10 Euro is due for the registration / re-registration.

What documents do I have to submit as a prospective tenant for a housing application?

For the housing application, we need the following documents:
– Self-assessment (here) (Link to “Bewerbungsbogen FH_Eng”)
– SCHUFA credit assessment
– Proof of income
– Confirmation of present landlord about back rent (“Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung”)
– ID card or passport copy


How is EichenGlobal reachable?

Our office is open Mon – Thu 9am – 6pm and Friday 9am – 4:30 pm and is located at Charlottenstr.18, 10117 Berlin.

As the owner what taxes do I have to pay in Germany?

One time: real estate transfer tax (GESt)
Quarterly: property tax (GSt)
Annually: Income tax on rental income (ESt) of real estate located in Germany.
An annual income tax return must be submitted to the responsible tax office.
For this purpose, a tax adviser should be consulted.

Can I pass my bills to the tenant to pay for them?

That depends on the bill. Talk to us, our Customer Support will be happy to help.

What is the basic tax amount?

The local tax office determines the basic tax amount to calculate the regularly payable property tax. We have no influence on that.

If I get an increase in the home allowance, can I increase the “rent”?
After the receipt of the billing for the house money for unfurnished flat an overheads statement is created in the course of which the monthly operating cost advance payments can be adjusted depending upon account.
Why does not the tenant pay my house money?

The recoverable costs, which are settled in the house money, are charged to the tenant in the context of the operating cost account.
See recoverable and non-recoverable costs/ house money.

What costs do I have constantly pay for my property?
The running costs of your poperty includes:

– Housing allowance for the building management apartment and parking space (heating, water, garden, house cleaning, etc.)
– Property tax
– Depending on commissioning/ contract EichenGlobal Management for Basic- or Premium-Service

Can you also help me with property search?

EichenGlobal offers services that make it easier for property owners to manage real estate.
If you are interested in buying or selling your property, please contact our trustworthy partner –
Rubina Real Estate GmbH (Link), who will support you in the best way.

Do you support me in furnishing apartments if I want to rent furnished apartments?
Yes, our premium services include organizing and caring for furniture, decoration, household appliances and kitchens.

When and how will I receive the rental payments?

The rent is payable on the third working day on a monthly basis and will be transferred by us to the bank account you have given us after deduction of your regular payment obligations.

How does the tenant application process work?

As soon as we have access to your property, we will prepare the property for rent and start immediately the tenant’s purchase. Prospective tenders are agreed with the prospective tenants and documents for the assessment of the creditworthiness of the potential tenant are examined. Only reputable tenants who have been tested by us will be presented to you as the owner if you are interested. You will inform us within 2 days, whether the tenant as well as the rental conditions correspond to your wishes.

How soon can I rent my property through EichenGlobal?

Depending on the current demand situation, we actually rent out objects within a few weeks.
The period depends on the object, location, equipment and amount of the rental price.