Launching a Sale: Property Seller’s Checklist

For many a millennial, the property sellers have devised different ways to entice the knowledgeable buyer, and many tricks have come to the shore, proving their worth but nothing and nothing at all compares to an amazing first impression. According to a study, most buyers prepare their mind within minutes after looking into the property and its components as to whether the property suits their taste or not. And if that be the case, the seller needs to make sure that there is nothing inadequate about the first look of the property, which might even inspire the idea of the audience rejecting the property and that too at a time like this.


World over the countries have been facing a rise in the property demand. The European countries especially Germany for that matter is currently facing an upward paradigm shift in the real estate business. Ask Liam Bailey, Global Head of Residential Research at Knight Frank, who has published a comprehensive study on wealth and real estate in the country about the same and he says “A lot of money is flowing into the German market and we had not seen this historically. The German Market is facing international buyers and buying property overseas is a big decision and buyers like to see a trend established before they commit.” A clear case of the rise in the demand of the German properties has been put forward by an irrefutable source and at the same time, he adds, the local markets are reacting to this increase in demand by developing new properties that are attractive to foreign investors. “Suddenly, the trend becomes established and [real estate] products are being sourced and marketed.” When it is such a lucrative time for the sellers’ in the country there should not be any stone left unturned to set your property among the best, so that the return that you get out of the investment is the best.

But preparing the property for a sale can turn out to be quite overwhelming an experience, and cannot be complied with in a single day and the preparation must start before the anticipated sale.

The foremost of the concerns when selling out a property is to set the stage for the property display, it might turn out to be quiet challenging in certain cases but the benefits are definitely worth it.

Refurbish the exteriors: As soon as a potential buyer lands on your property, the first impression is formed by the external look of the house. To understand the concept completely, go outside, a few yards off the house and view your house objectively, in an instant notice you would understand that little improvisations could make the property look better by leaps and bounds. Certain pointers pertaining to the same are listed below.

  • Wash/ sweep clean the components of the house visible from the outside like the windows, the doors, the pathways and patios.
  • Re-staining the deck area and/or pathways.
  • Re-painting the front door and the trims and/or walls.
  • Place the furniture intelligently to show the perfect use of the space and yet not crowding the area.
  • Enhance the landscaping; a little effort there could the turn the game about.

Present and not justify the interiors: Once the audience is convinced of a healthy outlook, the next step of the buyer is to evaluate the insides of the house. Till now, the place was your abode where your convenience took precedence over the presentation of the house, but now the house must be presented in the best light for the size of its rooms and the planning of the place, therefore, take care of the following pointers.

  • Remove any extra furniture, that was moved to the place for your convenience and make the floor area look bigger and more appealing.
  • Get rid of the rugs.
  • Sweep the place clean, and repaint the tarnished walls.
  • Ditch the photo frames on the walls and let the plain walls appear, making the place neutral to give the idea of space.
  • Dust everything, to give out the right impression.
  • Keep only a small collection of exquisite showpieces out, which help make the house look better than make it look crowded.


Plan out each room:

There is nothing that affects the buyer more than an efficient planning of the rooms and spaces within the house. Thus for the different rooms, different measures must be adhered to, for the perfect look.

  • Bedrooms: A new and clean bed spread is a sure way to make the bedroom look attractive, but in addition to the same, the rooms must be impeccably cleaned to show how organized the place can look. Store the daily necessities out of sight to make the place look better. Though the closet doors should be kept closed, yet the closets should be extremely well cleaned and managed incase the buyer wants to see the size of the closets from within.
  • Bath: A good facelift to the bathroom will surely put your property in the good books with the client. The bathrooms shelves and counter tops should not display anything except the dispenser and the softly rolled out hand towels for the perfect look. Make the place smell fresher for the right effect.
  • Kitchen: This area of the house needs to be specially checked for being spic and span with clutter free counter tops and neat and closed cabinets. All the mops and brooms should be kept away. Clean the tiles, the stove, the sink and the electrical appliances with perfection. Above all, ensure this specific area is insecticide and pesticide free.

Last minute checks: Other than the above mentioned pointers, there are certain things which might leave your notice but if taken care of, they add considerable value to the display of your little property.

  • Let the sunlight in. When displaying the house make sure you let the drapes fall to the sides and have the natural light come in the house, as the effect that the natural light adds to your home is commendable.
  • Take care of the little repairs. If there is any electrical or handy man repair that requires your attention, make sure you rectify it beforehand. Any holes or damage to the walls should also be taken care of.
  • Set the temperature right. Before making the buyer enter the property make sure the temperature of the place is well suited to the human body according to the weather, not too cold and not hot, just a pleasant reminder of being indoors is good.
  • Let the magic happen through the right fragrance. A good fragrance always inhibits the right appeal. A subtle yet constant aroma will put the buyer in good mood with the property.Whilst all the above factors have been taken care of, ensure that you publicize the sale of your property through the right channels for them to have an impact on the suspecting audience.


    If the checklist above has been gone through thoroughly, the chances of the property being undervalued or being rejected are highly minor. So, be ready to entice the world with your property by launching a sale such as this.

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