- don't just move here.

Berlin is huge city with a lot of different districts. So to find the right new home
whether you come from another German city or from abroad, as a newbie can be difficult.
Feel at home in the vibrant center of Berlin.

As EichenGlobal we want to make your life easier or at least your ways to university, friends and parties shorter.
We offer 3 types of properties so you can find the perfect stay.



First time away from home or just love to get to know super interesting people? 


Exclusive designer apartments with all ameneties? 


Longer stay in Berlin or already have the flatmates you want to live together with?

It is nice to come home knowing somebody is there with whom you can share your day.
And if I feel like I don’t want to be social, I just go to my room and can chill.
— Alexander W.