Modest Means To Make Property More Attractive For Tenants

Being a landlord is tough and entails a number to responsibilities that need your attention, but trying to find a tenant is among the toughest tasks at the hands of the landlord. Try as hard as you may but some properties would not budge from the ‘Available for Rent’ tag. Therefore, it is essential to market the property to the tenant in an efficient manner, especially when the world is moving towards the Digital age in such a speedy manner that finding a tenant becoming all the more difficult.

Process of letting your property to tenant is more psychological than you may imagine, creating the right atmosphere before showing the property to the tenant is bound to increase the allure of the place. The littlest things that you might miss can make the property unattractive to the tenant. These minor details can be rectified with ease on a low budget too.

Market the property in the best possible manner: A very common mistake that people usually commit while listing the property is to upload lousy, phone quality pictures. One wrong photograph and tenant may lose the interest in the property. Hiring a professional photographer for the listing pictures might seem a little too much, but nothing beats the marketing that these pictures would do for your property. Some candid happy photographs might also be included in the listings to make sure that the tenants find the allure and connection to the place. The role of social media marketing: real estate sector cannot be ignored and should be made full use of by posting impeccable pictures of the place.

Taking care of the minor repairs: It is the basic requirement of a property to be in a working and livable condition, but that is just the basic. If you want to entice the tenant better or a better tenant, you would have to make a little more effort on the property. Minor shortcomings that might distract the tenant from the property’s magnetism must be rectified beforehand like replacement of the rug or the fixing of the broken fixtures.

Cleanliness and Display: Nothing appeals the eye more than a clean environment. This rule comes in quite handy when showing the property to a prospective tenant as it gives the indication of good property management too. Some of the simple points that can be kept in mind to ensure this have been listed below

o Clean bed linen: If the rooms of the place are all done nice and clean, yet the bed spread does not get along as well the charm is lost along the way. Make the rooms look more charming by using clean and attractive bed linen.
o Good lighting: Sometimes the simple trick of good lighting brings life into the place. In this case too good lighting would clearly enhance the effect of the property.
o Fresh coat of paint: A little touch up on the walls makes the property look astounding. The tarnished and washed out look is easily overcome by using a little fresh paint and gives the house a new look too.
o Bring in the nature: Decorate the property with plants and landscapes before showing to the tenant. This touch of green and the flowers (be it real or artificial) does work like magic.


Clutter-free ambience: A cluttered place would never appeal as a possible home to the tenant. Clearing out the junk from the property is worth much more than anticipated. When showing the a furnished apartment for rent, make sure only the required furniture takes up the place and the extra articles or the things not coming to use have been adjusted elsewhere.

Maintaining the right temperature and fragrance: The simplicity of this step is a marvel. When the landlord s displaying the property, the right temperature and a slight fragrance would definitely make the person fall in love with the place.

Approach the tenant in a benign manner: The property would seem attractive if displayed in the right manner with the right approach only.Tenants expect to have a friendly landlord, that being said if your behavior as a landlord seems approachable and hospitable then the tenant is surely going to find a certain pull to the property. (Communicative & assertive enough to put the right image across.)

Stocking up the bathrooms: Bathrooms are the most need based place in the house and therefore the absence of basic essentials like toilet paper, soap and paper towels is something that would make the prospective tenant disagreeable. Keeping the bathroom stocked would definitely put you in the good books with the tenant.

Introducing the tenants to the positives of the neighbourhood: Getting the prospective tenants a peek into the neighbourhood can be a good thing. This could entail making them acquainted with the neighbours and the neighbourhood facilities. This step in turn will help them visualize their life at the place better and make them more like the place even more.

The above listed points are some of the most modest means to make the property work like a charm on the tenant. The simple and effective result of these points would definitely be experienced by the landlord.

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