Berlin is among top favourites to buy a property !

Berlin is a city which is always moving, as we know it is the booming capital of Europe’s largest economy with thundering tech, digitalization and media attracting the brightest international talent, yet its overwhelmingly liberal, youthful population makes it vibrant and culturally dynamic Berlin housing market. Investors and residents’ demand has been steadily increasing over…

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Modest Means To Make Property More Attractive For Tenants

Being a landlord is tough and entails a number to responsibilities that need your attention, but trying to find a tenant is among the toughest tasks at the hands of the landlord. Try as hard as you may but some properties would not budge from the ‘Available for Rent’ tag. Therefore, it is essential to…

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Berlin – Hot Cake for Foreign Investors

During the announcement of the National Election results in September 2017 threw up a few surprises, one aspect has remained constant. Angela Merkel wants to continue to be the English Chancellor for another term. What this does is increase the totaled did with the national leadership continuing for another term, Their policies (especially Those pertaining…

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The Complication and The Solution of Tenant Problems

Owning a house, well that is difficult how about renting it out. Today, ownership of a house seems quite a distant possibility to the majority of the population and therefore renting out a suitable place to live becomes the most common means of gaining a roof over one’s head. And hence, there is quite a…

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The New Home: Redesigning Trends this Season

Get your interest piqued all over again in your daily abode by slight changes in the décor and make your place of stay your fashion and comfort haven. Monotony is quite a cause of distress in this ever changing and ever dynamic world and there always is the need to improve. Like always style and…

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Tips to Selling the House like a Professional

Selling a house can be an overwhelming experience. If you are in the hiring of a real estate agent to complete the transaction, you will see it through to you. The real estate agents are supposed to be on the seller’s dime, and this cost is not a negligible amount. Ask Sofia Latypova, a real…

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Digitalization of Germany’s Real Estate & its roots from brain child of this Berlin’s Real Estate Tycoon

Globally, almost all industries are witnessing the impact of digitization. Be it data gathering, processes, or even decision making, digitization is ushering in Industrial Revolution 4.0. However, similar to the previous industrial revolutions, different industries have taken up to digitization at varied rates. While it is no surprise that Financial Services, Computers/ Electronics, and Media/…

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Role of Social Media Marketing: Real Estate Sector

The social media tsunami has not left any field or any place untouched and such is the case with the very formidable real estate sector too. Like all the other sectors, social media has taken it with a storm too, rather which much more than its other counterparts. The usage of social media for real…

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Launching a Sale: Property Seller’s Checklist

For many a millennial, the property sellers have devised different ways to entice the knowledgeable buyer, and many tricks have come to the shore, proving their worth but nothing and nothing at all compares to an amazing first impression. According to a study, most buyers prepare their mind within minutes after looking into the property…

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