The Complication and The Solution of Tenant Problems

Owning a house, well that is difficult how about renting it out. Today, ownership of a house seems quite a distant possibility to the majority of the population and therefore renting out a suitable place to live becomes the most common means of gaining a roof over one’s head. And hence, there is quite a major demographic looking for places to live, but are completely caught unawares of the situation they are about to step into. The relationship between a tenant and a landlord is more often than not found to be much below the amicable standards and the perpetual torment that a tenant might undergo can only be relieved by the knowledge of the rights that the landlord himself owes to the tenant. The laws have been very clearly penned down to ensure that neither the landlord and nor the tenant can encroach the others rights. As a guide for the tenant, certain points have been compiled together to guide and prepare him as to what might befall him when in search for the right place to live.

The first : “What is the best way to do it?”

1. Finding the Right Home

Looking for a property that is good and easily seems like a dream. The ever increasing population has made these properties easy to live are extremely uneasy to find. It is not an international issue, it is not confined to the local boundaries. Most of the European countries face extreme shortage for good places to live. England has quite a claim for such shortages but Germany has surpassed England on such terms. Finding a property in Germany is so stringent that they have long tenancies and low turnovers, so the bearer of the insider / outsider market,


The only thing that seems like a good solution to this problem is that it is not enough for the market. Getting in touch with landlords eager to look out for better than their existing ones would help you narrow down the search.

2. Negotiating the Rent

The landlords are infallibly looking for eligible tenants, and there are many a cases where they come across unsuitable potential tenants.

For best rates the landlords should be consulted at the end of the month when the property has been for a while and letting him / her know your other options. In addition to the good rates, potential tenants can ask landlord for free parking, extra storage space and / or a fresh coat of paint.

3. The Security Deposit

The amount that is required to be charged by the landlord as deposit against the security of the property and equipments.

Though there are limitations for landlords , therefore the tenants must be aware of his/her position, rights and obligations. The tenant law is quite well founded in most countries and the same would help you judge.

4. Maintenance

Under the law, tenants are entitled to reside under safe and habitable abode dwelling on the landlord’s dime and search right must be exercised. But as a precaution the property must be visited and checked for any discrepancy . If need the request for any repairs should be put into writing before paying the rent.

5. Landlord Visit

To ensure the safekeeping of the property the landlord does have the right to visit the tenant’s house.


6. Guests

There are many landlords who do not permit the relations of the tenants even the closest ones to the tenants even for the shortest periods of time.

To safeguard the rights of the landlord, the tenant, the property is not to serve as a residence to anyone else, but there is the exception of the close blood relations of the tenant. However, the friends and distant relatives are not included in the scheme.

7. The Tenant is not allowed to keep any pets

In quite a few cases the tenant has to leave their pets just because the landlord does not appreciate pets.

The landlord’s cause might be in the favor of the property. Under law, the pets that are under cages, terrariums or aquariums can be used to accompany the tenant. The basic principle does not apply, however, that the pet should not cause any damage to the property.

8.  Return of Security Deposit

This problem seems to be the most common and most unjust of the hardships faced by the tenant. To make sure one is safe and sound at the end of the lease. Take a walk around the property and take pictures of any imperfections, put the same in writing and get it acknowledged with the landlord’s initials. Repeat the same procedure a week before you are out of the property and again get it certified by the landlord. 

As a cover for the tenant, tenant association does provide a lot of it to the grievance of the tenant, provides legal cover and advice to its members. A well-organized association can take your issues to good platforms. All said and done The relationship between the two parties involved in this case should remain and end on good terms.

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