The New Home: Redesigning Trends this Season

Get your interest piqued all over again in your daily abode by slight changes in the décor and make your place of stay your fashion and comfort haven. Monotony is quite a cause of distress in this ever changing and ever dynamic world and there always is the need to improve. Like always style and fashion have provided comfort but they always begin at home, so here are some of the top trends that the coming year is about to witness. Make these trends a part of your home while redecorating and be in synch with the new and the trendy as the New Year descends.

    • Colour Schemes:
      For a quite a while the house was limited to the handful array of bright and beautiful colors but the palette this year has seen the inclusion of quite a few other colours all of which seem to have the earthy touch embedded in them. The colours like beige, greys, browns and blacks in matte finishes are up this season for display and to make sure they suit your eye, they are available in a wide range of hues. The harmony of such colours seems soothing to the eye and makes up for the comfort element of the place.
    • Brass Is Back:
      The colours have made the comeback but with the difference, something that is continuously making the appealing appearance this summer is the touch of Brass. Not the eclectic and highlighted version but the subtle Satin Brass is seen doing the rounds. Brass is found in the fittings, the not so dominant center pieces and even in the lightings. Ask Melanie Millner from The Design Atelier and she says “I love white in combination with unlaquered brass accents. It’s a fresh look that adds warm sophistication and timeless appeal.”
    • The Wallpapers:
      The perennial inclusion of the wallpaper in the right display of your house makes it one of the most important elements to be reconstituted while redecorating and this year the trend is hell bent on the geometric and the contemporary designs. The traditional wallpapers remain the evergreen element but the present and the future of styling calls for these patterns.
  • The Furniture:

    One of the ever dynamic pieces in interiors are the furniture pieces, one look at the furniture and you can easily date the renovation to the right period. The distinctness that this element portrays cannot be denied. The variety has ranged from traditional and carving to the straight and contemporary but this coming season we are looking at the trend shifting in the favour of more puffy, comfortable and curvy furniture, all in plump shades like red and maroons.
  • The Lighting:
    One thing that is making us reveal the dynamism and the technology of our age is the sort of lighting being opted for. The coming trends put up an astounding display of the optical lighting illusions, which are portable. Such state of the art lighting works perfectly over a flat surface, manipulating our perspectives with lines and light.
  • The Kitchens:
    This part of the house always has something new to offer with the changing trends and this year the trend brings in the display of the storage cabinets with panache by the use of the see through glass shutters and the subsequently hiding of the electronic appliances. The counter depth fridges are making sure that no space in the settings sits idle; the game of inches is played well with this move.
  • The Bathrooms:
    etting to the comfort zone of the home owner, the bathrooms get a new remodeled look, the look of being alive yet with the subtle tinge of the earthy colours. Colours such as soft plum, dusty blue, dark green, beige, brown and charcoal are the popular hues, but the wallpapers and the tile patterns suggested are more bright and floral in display. Lauren Coburn, from Lauren Coburn LLC contributes “A growing trend is making bathrooms special by turning them into little ‘jewels’ so it’s a little surprise when you enter. This can be done with a great wall covering, a great light fixture, an interesting vanity and more.”


    The Plants:

    othing has ever beaten the exhibition of the alive and the green within the interiors of a house and this trend still remains a constant with the coming trends. The display of plants in the living rooms has been emphasized again in the next season of house fashion. The concept of creating your own little green spaces outside the windows has already done the

    rounds and now it’s time to bring the green into your bathing area too, with privacy intact such sights prove to refreshing and calming during a bath.

  • Voice Activated Assistants: Again the technology makes a comeback into interiors with the installation of the voice activated assistants which prove as a constant companion in your house. The voice activated interfaces like Alexa or OK Google are making sure of the convenience but in style.
  • The Fabrics and The Materials: Comfort being the constant undercurrent the coming season is opting for fabrics and materials that are extremely easy to use and maintain. The materials used even the high end formal areas are such which are comfortable to maintain.
  • Decoration Pieces: 
    This year a lot of effort has been put on emphasizing the decoration pieces, the small elements that define the character of a place. The coming trends will see the display of the modern tribals on walls and center tables, ottomans and side tables, lamps, brass objects, handmade glazed ceramics, mouth-blown coloured vases and the wooden vases. Include some of these in your current home and you are good to go.

Redesigning has always meant turning your house upside down, but the inclusion of these small elements without the complete hustle is sure to make the environment a little different from the old concept. The new home is just a few changes away.

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