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Tips to Selling the House like a Professional

Selling a house can be an overwhelming experience. If you are in the hiring of a real estate agent to complete the transaction, you will see it through to you. The real estate agents are supposed to be on the seller’s dime, and this cost is not a negligible amount. Ask Sofia Latypova, a real estate sales manager in Germany and she says, “Even if the property is expensive, the commission is lower than 3%. It is almost impossible to find a listing with a fee lower than 3%, but you may agree on 2% with an agent “. This cost may even turn out to be as high as 8% of the property cost in case of countries like France and Cyprus. Such a cost is bound to discount the profit of the seller and thus a potential burden. A good way to keep this burden at bay is to equip yourself. To be sure in mind.

Highest rate of Real Estate Agent’s commission for different countries to either be borne by the Seller or the Buyer

1. Market your product well: Before the sale of any product it is essential that the product be marketed properly for the right impact on the buyer.

In case of the real estate industry setting up the various pictures of the property over the internet seems like good way to go. The more, the pictures the better are the chances for the property to get noticed at the earliest. The different social media platforms like Facebook listings and You Tube postings also provide to good means to publicize the property. Over 92 % of the buyers nowadays are accessing these mediums to look for the options available in the market.

2. Stage the house perfectly:  Favourable first impressions are definitely a good way to start the sale. Therefore, next criteria to ensure a good sale are to set the property in a good condition or at least in a better condition than the prevailing competition. Slight repairs in the property without going overboard with the budget can be the possibility. These little repairs can include termite protection being done in the property, or a fresh coat of paint on the external walls; any little work handles should be taken care of before going for the sale. Efficient property management is always bound to yield good results and is sure to make the property one up over the competitors.

3. Open access to the property: No show results in a no sale. To ensure that the property gets a good sale the property must be easily accessible to view by the agents and the prospective buyers. Therefore, most short sale listings and foreclosures are found to be vacant. The easier the access the better and earlier are the chances of a sale.

4. Pricing it right: Nothing beats the competition like an efficient pricing policy. The market value of the property must be realized and the price being asked should at least be 10-15 % below such a price to make sure that there are multiple bids being offered. This cut gives the seller an edge over the other properties in the area.

5. Understanding the Competition: When in the market, it is essential that you understand your competition clearly. To give the right professional outlook the seller must have done thorough homework. Gain knowledge regarding the other deals done in the neighbourhood and accordingly do a real time comparison with them regarding the price being asked, the type of sale being conducted and the condition of the other homes. Once such information has been collected the seller gets a better picture of his position in the market. This knowledge also helps in convincing the prospective clients.

6. Get the Professional touch into the property: When heading out for a sale, or before letting the prospective buyer in the property make sure that the property has been neutralized of the personal touch. It is hard to conduct the sale if the property already seems to belong too much to the present resident. The best way to go for the professional touch is to de-clutter the house, clear out the countertops or any other flat surface mostly like furnished apartments for rent which have the essentials of a house and yet are devoid of the evidence of the presence of the landlord.

Other than the points stated above each country and moreover each state/area has their own apparatus of conducting a sale, accordingly more points might be included or excluded to the list above. Though a thorough research would be done and would have been prepared for, yet there would be situations which test the abilities of the seller, in such cases patience is the key. To be able to react and make decisions in a cool, composed manner is the key feature of a professional and so must be maintained in the conducting oneself.

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