Why Berlin is Europe’s Best Place to Live, Work and Buy Real Estate


Berlin is one of the well planned cosmopolitan city in Germany. Over the last few years, the city has caught attention not only by locals but also by foreigners. Moreover, the locality is witnessing a large number of foreigners trying to get settled in Berlin. The city has invested heavily in infrastructure and today, the general surroundings for a company wanting to settle in prospective European city are extremely good. The city is a place of opportunity, which is why people and businesses keep migrating here. Some of the world’s best theaters, restaurants, museums, parks and cultural activities can be found here, additionally Berlin offers marvelous 170 museums spread across the city.

I. Living in Berlin: Berlin is an ideal place for the people who wants to enjoy the warmness and embrace the multicultural societies with its various attributes. The city is well equipped with its door to door multiple transport facilities.  The weather conditions are on average of -5℃ to 12℃ in winter and 10℃ to 25℃ degree in Summer. One can commute from city center to the east or west in about 20-30 minutes. Berlin is non-conformist and is in fact, a haven for multi-cultures. It is known as one of the most open-minded cities for minorities across Europe, making the city attractive for expats. One can be optimistic and extrovert in Berlin without fear of judgement, which is very liberating.

II. Work in Berlin: Expats in Germany will be happy to discover that the German government addresses healthy work-life balance at workplaces as a priority. German law decree that every employee in the country receives a minimum of four weeks of paid vacation leave per year although many can receive up to 30 days and that working hours don’t exceed 40 per week. It’s reassuring to know that the labour laws in Germany are set up in the favour of employees. Young people love it and, if you are a company and being cited in a place where people want to work, where they feel welcome and productive, Berlin is the perfect place and right choice to do so.

III. Real Estate in Berlin

A. Investment Potential: An investment in International property market, well couldn’t find a better country than Germany. Europe’s largest economy is also its biggest residential buy-to-let market, where the popularity of renting has led to one of the world’s lowest home-ownership rates. The country’s firm political and economic environment also make it a secure likelihood for investments. Germany’s two largest cities, Berlin and Hamburg, were recently named by international consulting and auditing firm PWC as the top two cities in Europe for investment and development in 2017. There is a good level of consistent Return on Investment (ROI) within few years for the property bought in Berlin. It is a dream to have a property in Berlin the heart of Germany and we can help comprehend your dream into reality. Buying and managing a property in Germany means you’ll benefit from the full protection of German law. But that can also mean a lot of paperwork and new rules to learn. Don’t worry, we are here to guide you as EichenGlobal is known for its best property management and letting services in Berlin.

B. Capital and Rental Trends: Property is considered to be one of the most secure investments one could ever make – one may not be at a stage to be a serial property investor, but owning property rather than renting is a step in the right direction. The below statistics shows the average rent price of residential property in selected cities in Germany from 2012 to the fourth quarter 2017 (in euros per square meter). In the fourth quarter of 2017, the average rent in Munich was approximately €17.28 per square meter. This was an increase from the €17.03 from the previous quarter. Whereas the average rent in Berlin was €9.02 in 2012 and has increased rapidly to €11.71 in 2017. The European housing, or residential real estate, market has recently shown clear signs of development, with an increasing property price being the main trend.

Berlin is very diverse and rousing, It’s very translucence, secure and diverse, with property prices that are very stable or increasing, it’s a very healthy environment to be in. Ten years ago, Berlin was seen as an emerging city but now it really is a core market where people like to invest their money, like to work, like to move their companies and like to live in.

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